15th European Fusion Theory Conference, 23-26 September 2013, Merton College, Oxford, UK



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Invited Talks Abstracts, posters and extras

  No Speaker Institution Proposed topic/title  
  1 B. Scott IPP Garching
ABSTRACT - Overview of GK theory with emphasis on conservation properties
  2 I. Chapman CCFE, Culham
ABSTRACT - Current understanding of pedestal and ELM stability
23_Sept_2013_EFTC.pptx BES_29504_lsnd_336ms.avi elm.avi
elm3d_anno.mpg MAST_film.avi  
  3 Ö. Gürcan LPP, France
ABSTRACT - Nonlocal phenomena associated with transport of heat flux and second sound in fusion plasmas
  4 S. Newton CCFE, Culham
ABSTRACT - Electromagnetic effects in the stabilization of turbulence by sheared flow
  5 B. Teaca IPP Garching
ABSTRACT - Locality and Universality in Gyrokinetic Turbulence
  6 N. Tronko York University
ABSTRACT - Exact conservation laws for truncated gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson equations
  7 V. Naulin Technical University of Denmark
ABSTRACT - Challenges and successes in modelling Edge plasma turbulence
  8 G. Lapenta Katholieke Univ. Leuven
ABSTRACT - 3D Kinetic Effects in Collisionless Reconnection
lapenta.pptx friday_movie.mp4 B_low.avi
  9 T. Fülöp Chalmers Univ., Göteborg
ABSTRACT - Running away and radiating
  10 A. Poye Aix-Marselle
ABSTRACT - Multiscales mechanisms of magnetic islands generation by drift interchange turbulence
Poye_EFTC2013.pdf psi_ZF_movie.mpg separatricemovie.mpg
  11 I. Shesterikov LPP, Belgium
ABSTRACT - The experimental investigation on the role of EXB flow shear in tilting and breaking of turbulent eddies
Presentation.pdf typicalVideo.avi typicalVideoOnlySplit.avi
  12 F. Casson IPP Garching ABSTRACT - Influence of tokamak plasma rotation on turbulent impurity transport  
  13 P. Ricci CRPP, Lausanne ABSTRACT - The validation project on the TORPEX basic plasma physics experiment  
  14 E. J. Kim Sheffield University, UK
ABSTRACT - Modelling multi-scale interaction in sheared turbulence: transport barriers, self-organisation, and intermittency
  15 M. Hölzl IPP Garching
ABSTRACT - Non-linear Simulations of Edge Localized Modes and Non-linear Resistive Wall Modelling
hoelzl-eftc.pdf hoelzl_pressure.mp4 psi_ZF_movie.mpg
  16 D. Told IPP Garching
ABSTRACT - Ion temperature profile stiffness: non-linear gyrokinetic simulations and comparison with experiment
  17 T. Bell Oxford University ABSTRACT - Theory and modelling of transport in inertial confinement fusion plasmas
  18 D. Zarzoso IPP Garching
ABSTRACT - Interplay between energetic particle driven GAMs and turbulence
  19 E. Solano CIEMAT/ JET-CSU ABSTRACT - Plasma magnetic phase transitions and confinement regimes
  20 P. Maget CEA-IRFM, France
ABSTRACT - Bi-fluid and Neoclassical Physics in Non linear MHD simulations of tokamak plasmas
  21 J.H.E. Proll IPP Gresfswald
ABSTRACT - Gyrokinetic microinstability calculations in Wendelstein 7-X and other quasi-isodynamic stellarators
  22 J.L. Velasco CIEMAT
ABSTRACT - Neoclassical Viscosity and Rotation in stellarators
  23 H.J. de Blank FOM Institute ABSTRACT - Radially resolved bifurcation theory for the dynamics of L-H-mode transitions  



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